Welcome to the Ebony Tie Affair 2018

The Ebony Tie Affair provides the opportunity to celebrate the collective accomplishments of Ebony men from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. For over 21 years, the event has been an enriching and uplifting occasion for the gathering of friends – old and new.

The Ebony Tie Affair is an affirmation of our appreciation of those mentors and champions that assisted each of us to get where we are today, and an obligation on our part to reach back and mentor other Ebony men today.

This year’s Theme is Black Entrepreneurship: Our Key to Reducing Wealth Inequality.
Our community, our city, and our country continue to succeed through the efforts of its entrepreneurs. But as black and brown people, we often overlook this career option when steering our children towards life-long success.

Simply put, the inherent risks of raising a black child in America, makes it difficult for a parent to voluntarily add one more recognized hurdle to their son or daughter’s birth-rite of struggle. Especially when there is a proven record of career success, (School, Work, Retire…).  At least as it’s been defined historically by us.

The Theme for the 2018 Ebony Tie Affair celebrates those who went against the grain and continue champion the idea of entrepreneurship. Not just as another option for individual career success, but as an equalizer for economic inequality, and wealth building for our own community’s empowerment.

We proudly take our places in our chosen professions because our forefathers – our heroes – paved a path to permit our success. On this night we look back to recognize our mentors and we look forward to confirm our obligation to our brothers, old and new.

The 2018 Ebony Tie Affair

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